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  • Two-child benefit limit lawful, court rules April 21, 2018
    Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Families can only claim benefits for their first two children Campaigners have lost a High Court challenge to the government's two-child limit on some benefits. Lawyers representing three families had argued that the policy was incompatible with human rights law. But a judge has ruled that limiting tax credits […]
  • Observers say third-party litigation funding transparency likely to gain acceptance April 21, 2018
    HUNTINGTON – After Wisconsin became the first state to enact a law requiring disclosure of third parties funding litigation in the hope of sharing in damage awards with plaintiffs, observers following the issue have indicated that more states are likely to follow suit. “I think it is inevitable that, sooner or later, it is going […]
  • Mediation Matters: Modernising divorce means trusting separating families to shape their own futures April 21, 2018
    Like Sir James, National Family Mediation has long argued for the modernisation of divorce laws. Getting a divorce should be far, far simpler than it currently is. It’s much too tangled up in legal processes, acquiring a mystical quality that serves to confuse and defeat those who are, after all, undergoing the biggest crisis of […]
  • ‘All I want is for this nightmare to be over’: 8 people reveal why they’re considering a divorce April 21, 2018
    There are many reasons why a marriage might end in divorce (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for I recently befriended a man who has an open marriage. Although I couldn’t imagine this particular scenario for myself, it made me curious about marriage as a whole. ‘I had a panic attack before the ceremony’: 5 people […]
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder litigation takes new focus with asbestos-related cancer claims April 18, 2018
    NEW YORK: A $117 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson and a supplier in favor of a man who said his asbestos-related cancer was caused by long-term use of J&J's Baby Powder could open a new front for thousands of cases claiming the widely-used product caused cancer, legal experts and plaintiffs lawyers said. J&J has […]
  • Litigation funding: what you need to know about this fast-growing business April 18, 2018
    Litigation funding has been growing in prominence in recent years, and up-and-coming litigators need to ensure they are up to speed on what is becoming an increasingly influential factor in the market Litigation funding has been growing in prominence in recent years, and up-and-coming litigators need to ensure they are up to speed on what […]
  • Facebook Facing Potential Multi-Billion Dollar Liability in Biometric Litigation April 18, 2018
    Facebook Inc. may have to pay a real price for claims it invaded users’ privacy: billions of dollars. A federal judge ruled Monday that millions of the social network’s users can proceed as a group with claims that its photo-scanning technology violated an Illinois law by gathering and storing biometric data without their consent. Damages […]
  • Wind tax reform pitched despite litigation threat April 18, 2018
    OKLAHOMA CITY — A legislative movement to undo certain state wind industry incentives puts current developments at risk of default and has banks balking at new farm investment, a wind advocate said. If lawmakers renege on financial commitments promised to attract wind developers into the state, the industry will sue, said Mark Yates, director of […]
  • Ex-wife who said £10m divorce payout WASN’T ENOUGH loses £175k-a-year in failed court bid April 12, 2018
    AN ex-wife who complained her £10million divorce settlement was not enough has lost out on her £175k yearly payments after a failed bid to claim more money. Kim Waggott was handed £9.76million after splitting from her super-rich husband, allowing her to purchase a £2million home near Chester and a Balearic holiday home. Champion News Service Ltd […]
  • Advertising Standards Authority uses its fangs again after years of litigation April 12, 2018
    The Advertising Standards Association (ASA) has ruled against an advertisement run by Herbex for its Attack the Fat product. Annie Cebulski and Eryn Scannell report for GroundUp News. The association will instruct its members not to run the advertisement. This comes after medical doctor and consumer activist Dr Harris Steinman laid a complaint against Herbex for its […]
  • One of the happiest countries has one of the highest divorce rates — but new rules may change that April 12, 2018
    It's all about protecting the kids. nd3000/Shutterstock Denmark, one of the world's happiest countries, has the highest divorce rate in western Europe. Currently, couples there can complete an online form, pay a $60 fee, and get a divorce in less than a week. New rules set to go into effect next year would require couples […]
  • Golf course shareholders ask to intervene in litigation April 7, 2018
    Fourteen shareholders from the Conway Golf Club, Inc., have filed a motion in Horry County court asking to intervene in litigation concerning the club and its likely upcoming sale, but an attorney for the club believes the intervention will hurt rather than help the shareholders. Myrtle Beach attorney Douglas M. Zayicek said if the sale […]
  • Class Certification Granted in Goldman Sachs Gender Discrimination Litigation April 7, 2018
    In a 49-page opinion issued last week, Judge Analisa Torres of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York granted class certification to a group of women alleging that Goldman Sachs systemically and pervasively discriminated against female professional employees in violation of Title VII and the New York City Human Rights […]
  • Divorce – how narcissists are tackled by the family courts in England and Dubai April 7, 2018
    You have to search hard to find reports of a family court in England engaging with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). This is partly because very few cases are actually officially reported and possibly because of the system itself. Almost weekly, I speak with people who have received a shrug or a raised eyebrow from both […]
  • These Are The Two Months With The Highest Divorce Rate April 7, 2018
    Did you know that March and August are the two months of the year where couples divorce the most? Thanks to a new study from the University of Washington, their research has determined that seasonal breakups are a real thing. Winter and summer holidays may be the driving force behind these splits. The original purpose of […]
  • Civil Litigation in Employment: So What’s it Going to Cost Me? April 3, 2018
    When faced with an employment discrimination, harassment or retaliation claim, often the immediate response is, “We are going to defend ourselves and prove we are right,” followed by, “So what will it cost us if we lose?” This article describes the damages available to a prevailing party under the primary federal employment statutes. To begin, […]
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ‘reach divorce agreement and prepare to settle in weeks’ amid rumours t… April 3, 2018
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are to ‘settle their divorce’ (Picture: WENN) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are set to settle their divorce ‘within weeks’ – two years after announcing their split. The couple, who share six children together, have reportedly agreed on a truce, with lawyers putting the ‘finishing touches’ on paperwork. And insiders […]
  • #MeToo has led to an asphyxiating vortex of litigation | Richard Ackland April 3, 2018
    The legal system crashing headlong into #MeTooism provides theatre of an altogether dramatic spectacle. On stage we find Geoffrey Rush’s defamation claim against the Daily Telegraph for its “King Leer” article, alleging he behaved “inappropriately” towards another actor in the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of the Shakespearian play two years ago. Rush denies all claims. […]
  • Father denied same benefit as ex-partner despite sharing custody of daughter April 3, 2018
    KATARINA WILLIAMS Last updated 19:00, April 3 2018 KEVIN STENT/STUFF Wellington man Curtis Nixon was unable to convince the Human Rights Review Tribunal that he was indirectly discriminated against because of his gender. A Wellington father who shares custody of his 12-year-old daughter has failed to convince authorities he deserves the same benefit entitlements as his former partner. […]
  • 10 Reasons Couple Divorce: Do You See Yourself Here? March 29, 2018
    The reasons for divorce are as unique as the couples who are divorcing.   Couples divorce for a multitude of reasons, but most marriages end because of fairly common issues. Whether it be a lack of communication or extreme differences in values, both experts and couples commonly report the following ten reasons for why couples […]