Commercial Property

When you migrate  an existing business to a new set of premises, or start up a new business in new premises, you need to deal with a complex set of laws and regulations where property law, contract law (leases) and planning law all overlap .

At Dominic Levent Solicitors, we help business owners to deal with complex laws with ease and finesse.

Our team of commercial property solicitors and specialists understand that the smooth running of a commercial property transaction is essential to avoid serious repercussions for businesses and to maximise returns from your business in operation or profits from the sale of your business.

Our specialist teams of commercial property lawyers advise in the following areas:-

  • Buying or selling retail businesses in commercial premises
  • Buying or selling take away businesses in commercial premises
  • Businesses that require alcohol licenses
  • Leasing industrial, factory and warehouse space
  • Leasehold (commercial) transactions
  • Freehold (commercial)transactions
  • Acting for purchasers, sellers, assignees, assignors, landlords
  • Advice on current uses authorised under Planning Law (use classes eg A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 etc.)
  • Granting of new business leases
  • Assignment of existing business leases
  • Dealing with ancillary business sales in connection with leasehold matters

Why choose us?

We adopt a diligent and pragmatic approach to commercial conveyancing and commercial property issues for our clients. We approach our work with professionalism and efficiency.

We consistently receive positive feedback from our clients by always seeking to meet or surpass their expectations.

We operate proactively and understand the business needs of our clients and we exceed expectations by ensuring that we:-

  • Keep you informed regularly
  • Offer cost-effective services and a high-quality service
  • Ensure that the lease, contract or outcome meets your requirements
  • Dea with your matter professionally and efficiently.
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