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Divorce is a remedy of last resort and many couples have difficulty coping during the process. At Dominic Levent Solicitors, our reputable team is committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible outcome for their particular set of circumstances. Since the firm’s inception, our reputation has been that of a firm that assists our clients through what may be the most difficult time of their lives. We adopt the correct strategy and approach to mitigate marital discord through a hassle free divorce. Our ethos is to serve our clients to the best of our collective ability. We adopt a caring and supportive attitude and assist our clients in working through the divorce process as amicably as possible.

Why choose us?

We help you sort out the issues in a difficult divorce. We support you through dealing with worries about the future and finances. Divorce proceedings are often complex and reflect changing social values. Lifestyle choices are often the reason for break ups. We help our clients deal with divorce on a daily basis. We have specialist lawyers that offer invaluable assistance at every stage of the process. We help our clients resolve all disputable issues and speed up the process by offering practical advice. We endeavour to respond to our clients on the same day we receive enquiries.

We advise in the following areas:

  • Divorce and children
  • Divorce and separation
  • Divorce settlement financial advice
  • Divorce and pensions
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Civil partnerships
  • Cohabitation
  • Child custody
  • Child abduction
  • Cross-border divorce
  • International family law issues


 Our approach

We offer a constructive approach to resolving family disputes. We minimise conflict to make it easier for our clients and their families to cope with the process.  We are proud of our efforts and request constant feedback from our clients to ensure they are getting the best possible service.

We approach each divorce by:

  • Explaining the process clearly
  • Keeping the client informed at regular intervals
  • Offering individual tailored solutions for every situation
  • Offering cost effective legal services at competitive rates
  • Offering clear information on costs




If you need legal advice, make an appointment with a specialist solicitor via phone or email today. We will follow up on this initial contact with a detailed consultation at a time that best suits you.

We offer comprehensive advice in relation to:

  • Financial remedies following foreign divorce
  • Cases pertaining to family-owned businesses
  • Future ownership of jointly owned property
  • Financial claims affecting adult children
  • Non-molestation orders
  • Jewish divorce
  • Islamic divorce
  • Variation/Enforcement of Financial Orders
  • Declarations of Trust
  • Complex financial proceedings
  • Overseas divorce
  • Cross-jurisdiction matters
  • Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Child relocation
  • Domestic abuse and injunctions
  • Occupation of family property
  • Grandparents rights
  • Change of Name deeds
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