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  • Timing is everything: how early retention of expert consultants can make or break construction claim… July 14, 2019
    Resolution of construction disputes oftentimes involves the unravelling of complex issues, and requires the analyses and opinions of expert witnesses in various industries related to the project. For these reasons, retaining an expert consultant as soon as litigation is imminent can truly be a difference-maker in a party's pursuit or defense of construction litigation claims. […]
  • 35 Quotes About Divorce to Help You Get Through July 14, 2019
    Whether you're going through a divorce yourself or looking for some sage words to comfort a friend, these empowering quotes from people who have (mostly) been there, or at least have learned how to pick themselves up after life dealt them a sickening blow will hopefully provide some solace, and maybe even a laugh or […]
  • It's Painful For A Child Suffer In Their Parents Bad Marriage Than Divorce July 14, 2019
    Divorce can be one of most painful thing that happen to any marriage, however in a toxic marriage and for the sake of not having negative impact on the child, it might be best way to be seperated. Child suffers from bad marriage tense to have a rocky future moving forward as they thought those […]
  • ‘The Bachelor’ Creator Mike Fleiss Just Filed for Divorce After 5 Years of Marriage – July 14, 2019
    The man who created The Bachelor franchise, Mike Fleiss, has filed for divorce from his wife of five years, Laura Kaeppeler. According to The Blast, the TV heavyweight filed legal documents on Wednesday to end his marriage on Wednesday, citing irreconcilable differences. The filing lists their separation date as July 7. The filing also states […]
  • 9 Reasons Why Women Initiate Divorce More Than Men July 14, 2019
    — The decision to file for divorce is an important decision that many couples face every day. It takes careful deliberation and a good test of your soul to finally opt for a divorce. A divorce is not something that you decide to pull out from in the middle of things due to a sudden […]
  • The Malaysian government is offering couples a free compatibility test to reduce the chance of divor… July 14, 2019
    Over one-third of divorces happen within the first five years of marriage, and most young couples in Malaysia “rush into marriage” without knowing themselves or their partners well enough, according to Women, Family and Community Development Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh. Pixabay Want to be extra sure that you and your beloved will live happily ever […]
  • Heartbroken singletons can now book ‘divorce holidays’ to Las Vegas so they can party with friends a… July 14, 2019
    Heartbroken singletons can now book 'divorce holidays' to Las Vegas so they can party with friends and deal with painful marriage break-ups The Las Vegas breaks include once-in-a-lifetime excursions and VIP parties  There are three packages available starting from £999 per person   Three in 10 divorcees thought a holiday would help them deal with break-up […]
  • New national guidance for pensions on divorce published July 14, 2019
    A new guide to the treatment of pensions on divorce has been published by the Pension Advisory Group (PAG). The long-awaited report brings guidance to family judges, lawyers and pension experts encouraging fairer settlements and helping to manage liability. PAG is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals, including The University of Manchester’s Professor of Social Gerontology […]
  • Ideas to Help Make A Divorce Easier on The Entire Family July 14, 2019
    As a psychotherapist who specializes in treating children and teenagers, I have worked on many high conflict divorces. I have been the therapist for the children, an Expert Witness regarding custody, worked as part of the mediation team and served as a 730 Court Appointed Expert regarding custody and visitation. In the various roles I […]
  • When the Divorce is Final: Pity Party or Celebrate? July 14, 2019
    You wait and you wait and you wait and it seems like your divorce is never going to be final. Am I right? Months go by, even years, and still, it lingers on. There always seems to be an issue that pops up that delays things, and then his lawyer is on vacation and then […]