What is commercial litigation and a brief overview of frequent issues

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What is commercial litigation and a brief overview of frequent issues

Commercial litigation is a broad law field, encompassing litigation of any type that involves business issues, that is between the businesses usually, but not always. A burgeoning law field is commercial litigation and its growth is spurred by the trend of emerging new small businesses, at-home businesses, and existing businesses diversification. The types of issues are as diverse as the businesses types. Here is a brief overview of the areas that cause frequent concern issues in commercial litigation.

Intellectual Property Litigation

The intellectual properties are the main income of many businesses. The trademarks, copyrights, and patents acquired by companies for their processes and products are worth millions of dollars and also are the main source of revenue keeping companies afloat. Securing through the processes of government mandated the intellectual property such as the patent process is intellectual property litigation. In fact, even prosecuting or defending cases are latterly brought as a raised infringement. One example is the Apple and Samsung litigation claiming Samsung stole Apple’s technology in the tablets and Smartphone. Though, billions of dollars were claimed as damages, both lost and won some cases.

Franchise Litigation

Some popular restaurants start as single locations. Taking up the franchise agreements, there are new restaurant chains built. Here huge legal wrangling amount takes places with franchises in existence. The potential payoffs and investment are huge. The Franchise agreements are legal documents controlling everything from the fixtures position to the business operating hours. The litigation arises as violations are alleged by the franchise agreement. Typical allegations comprise the franchisors lack of support, unapproved suppliers, and more.
The commercial litigation world is highly complex and is above a fraction of possible topics. If your business is in a position facing commercial litigation, you must be represented by an experienced law firm to navigate the law complexities.

Corporate and LLC Litigation

Everyone can have an LLC or a corporation. There are many possible conflict areas under the corporate litigation umbrella, and this includes topics such as non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, management and corporate control disputes, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and employment agreements. As many corporations that are created today are smaller in comparison to the past, it does not mean they are immune to the issues that plagued and are plaguing the mega-corporations.

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