Top 5 free tourist attractions in London which you must visit

Top 5 free tourist attractions in London which you must visit

London is a city which you can explore not just on a hefty budget but also on a shoestring budget. Sure enough, some of the tourist attractions are paid but there are quite a few free tourist attractions in London as well. We will today list 5 such tourist attractions which are completely free to explore.

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is spread over 183 acres. It also houses a small herd of deer. It is located on top of a hill. When you visit the park, you will be able to get crystal-clear views of Central London. Along with that, you will be also able to get beautiful views of the Thames River as well. It is also considered as a heritage site. Should you be looking for something to satisfy your appetite, there are 3 different cafes to choose from in the vicinity.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the most mesmerizing parks which you will find in any metropolis. The total area which it covers is 350 acres. Moreover, when you look at the number of trees, they are over 4000. It also consists of a lake as well. Thus, if you’re looking for a park in which you can relax, this is the best option for you. You can enjoy the various activities like:

• Boating
• Swimming
• Cycling
• Jogging

Thus, there is plenty to do when you’re heading over to Hyde Park London.

Kensington Garden

Kensington Garden is part of the Kensington Palace. The garden is pretty large by any standards. It is spread over 275 acres. Moreover, you will also find plenty of wildlife in the garden as well. Additionally, there is a memorial and various other attractions for you to explore. There is also a cafe in case; you want to have some coffee and a dessert to go along with it.

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park consists of plenty of other attractions inside it. There is the London Zoo as well as open-air theatre. Additionally, you will be able to catch up on some wildlife as well. There is sports area, should you be interested in playing any kind of sport. That is why it is one of the perfect options when you’re looking for some relaxation in the city.

British Museum

British Museum is pretty old. It was founded in the year 1753. Over the years, it has consistently expanded its collection. That is why, today when you visit the British museum, you will find some of the most impressive collection. It is entirely free to visit. There is a confluence of different cultures all around the world in the British Museum. You will be able to find the specimens of all of these different cultures under a single roof. Thus, you will not only be able to spend a significant amount of time in the British Museum but you will be able to explore the history of not just London, Britain but also many other countries all over the world as well.

Thus, when you’re looking to explore London on a shoestring budget, these are the 5 tourist attractions which you can visit. These 5 tourist attractions will ensure that you have plenty to explore when you are in London.

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