Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge is a very distinctive suspended and cantilevered bridge located in central London, built in 1894 and joined by a new pedestrian tunnel. The bridge links west London with the south side of Southwark, as well as the north side of Croydon. It has become an iconic symbol of London, as a consequence, it can be confused with nearby London Bridge. Although both are beautiful buildings, they are actually not structurally related and are not considered as such.

The original bridge, which is a single tier, was designed by Thomas Telford who was also responsible for the famous London Eye. It is one of the oldest bridges in London.

Tower Bridge can be seen from a number of places in London. Here are some ways to see the bridge and see all of the sights that it offers:

The Tube Station: From anywhere in central London, the first thing you need to do is take the Underground to Croydon. You will then board a tram to go to Tower Bridge. Take the tram to the south side of the bridge and get off at the end of the line.

Tower Bridge Walkway: To reach Tower Bridge you should take the walkway just past the pedestrian zone of the bridge. Once you reach the southern end, you need to cross the River Thames with a temporary bridge that is made of ropes.

Tower Hill. The best way to see the tower is on Tower Hill, situated just opposite the tower. From here, you should walk down towards the river and then walk along the edge of the cliff. At the bottom of the hill, you will see the remains of the old bridge and the old tower.

The City Center: Another way to visit the city center of central London is to take a cab. The cab will drop you at the corner of Oxford Street and the busy road that runs along the river. Once you cross this street you should turn left and walk along Oxford Street until you get to the end of the road. On the right hand side, you should then turn left and continue walking until you reach a pavement that has two traffic lights facing each other.

The London Eye. A quick tour around London is not complete without visiting the London Eye. This is the largest observation tower in the entire world and is located at the edge of the River Thames in the middle of the London area.

The Tower of London. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most visited places in London. It houses the remains of King Arthur’s Round Table and the Queen’s Tower, which are also known as the White Tower.

The Science Museum. The Science Museum houses many amazing exhibits that are all related to science. One of these exhibits is the dinosaur Rex.

Piccadilly Circus: This is a central park in central London that is often crowded with people. If you want to take a break, try and take a walk through this park.

The National Gallery. This is one of the world’s largest museums and is found in the South Kensington area of central London. This museum holds a variety of art forms and provides you with an interesting view of the history of the city.

Tate Modern and Buckingham Palace Museum. Both these art galleries hold a large number of modern art exhibits that have been collected over the years. You can also take a walk along the River Thames at the end of the day to see some of the famous boats and barges as well as the various attractions that can be seen around London.

The National Maritime Museum. This museum is located on the south side of the river Thames and offers you an incredible view of all types of ships throughout the history of London.

The Central Park. If you have a good camera and a camera, you should be able to take some fantastic pictures at any point in time in the London that is good for taking pictures.

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