How to Visit The Tower of London

The Tower Of London is an ancient castle situated on the north side of the River Thames just opposite the Tower of Westminster. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World as well as the only Royal Palace in the world. Today, visitors can take advantage of the wonderful history museum that is located within the grounds of the building. Here, visitors will be able to see the fascinating stories behind the construction of this medieval structure.

The Tower Of London is actually the fortress and palace built by King William the First in 1086. It is thought that King William commissioned this building so that he could defend his kingdom in the years ahead. This royal fortress was destroyed in the Black Death, and only its walls survived. After the castle was rebuilt, the first building on the site was a prison. It became known as the Jail of St. Pauls, when it was turned into a monastery.

Today, the Tower Of London is home to many tourists who come to see the various exhibits within the grounds of this historic building. Among the exhibits you may want to see are the Great Fire of London and the Tower Of London. These two exhibits will give you a great insight into what the building was like in the past and what it has to offer today.

You can also visit the Tower Of London in order to view the statue of David, which is often seen as a symbol of power. It is said that David was once the king of Jerusalem, but was killed by his son, Solomon. This is how the building got its name.

In addition to the exhibits inside the grounds of this London palace, you will be able to see the Tower Of London from the top. From the observation deck, you will be able to watch the whole city go by as you listen to the speeches made by the various members of the court. Visitors can also walk down the main staircase to get a closer look at the history of this royal fortress. At the end of your walk, you can visit the lower gallery and view the many exhibits inside the Castle itself.

If you would rather take a break from all the sights and sounds, you will be able to visit the different types of exhibits that are offered inside. Many of these exhibits cover different parts of history as well as various different types of architecture. Some of these exhibits include the history of the castle itself, the prisoners that lived within and were held prisoner within the castle as well as the building itself.


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