Litigation and the different types involved in disputes

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Litigation and the different types involved in disputes

Litigation carries a negative connotation and is an expensive and lengthy process. In fact, it is better to consider settling the legal matters before entering the process of litigation. Only when there is no other choice left should you really consider litigation. Yet, it can be made less intimidating by knowing about the litigation beforehand so that you are aware who is involved in the process, how it works, and what to do during the process.

Litigation Defined

Litigation is not a mere lawsuit or courtroom proceedings. It actually involves the proceedings where two parties try enforcing or defending a legal right. The litigation can be begun or may be pulled into it. Eventually, it can be settled out of court, or also by a judge or jury.
If a matter is impossible without a lawsuit, it is regarded as litigation.

Types of Litigation

Commercial and Business Litigation

Commercial and business litigation takes place when a dispute between business entities or individuals is brought right before a court. In fact, disputes may take place at any business level. They may be between partners, competing businesses, business owners, shareholders, Vendors, lenders, or between other parties. Some commercial litigation types include breach of  fiduciary duty, breach of contract, fraud, copyright infringement, defamation, indemnity, trademark infringement, unfair competition, and construction disputes.

Personal Injury Litigation

Parties seeking litigation of these types go to civil court to obtain legal solution for losses suffered in an accident. Financial compensation is demanded from parties either intentionally harmed or carelessly causing an injury. This is typically the amount required as financial compensation to include future expenses or losses. Some cases of common personal injury include workplace and automobile injuries.

Public Interest Litigation

These litigation types are a new law field. These lawsuits are begun by the courts aiming to maintain or safeguard the well-being of a community. Any corporate or persons actions damaging or inhibiting societal progress may result in legal punishment. This litigation type often revolves around public health concerns, environmental issues, environmental law, and public health concerns.

Civil Litigation

This refers to legal disagreement between two or more parties seeking monetary settlements than criminal sanctions. It is handled by litigators or trial lawyers specialized in this litigation type. Civil litigation is a broad practice encompassing product liability, real estate disputes, intellectual property, landlord/tenant disputes, anti-trust, medical malpractice, personal injury, construction disputes, and more.

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